How to Keep Cool When Customers Get Upset

April 19, 2012 — 1,189 views  
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Keeping it cool in the face of an agitated customer is a sign of a true professional. If you’re working in a service-based industry, consider the ramifications of improving your ability to improve customer relations in difficult situations. Handling upset customers with poise can demonstrate your skills to higher management, increase your chances of a promotion and make everyday tasks less straining.

Here are three tips for handling upset customers:

1. Maintain a professional demeanor. Regardless of how the customer reacts, keep calm and practice even breathing. Putting your guard up, acting confrontational or upset will only further exasperate the problem.

2. Offer a choice. If a customer’s demand is not feasible, try to offer a couple of alternative options and allow them to choose. While they may be unhappy that their preferred solution is unavailable, they will often be more amicable if given the ability to select a course of action.

3. Never play the blame game. Placing the blame on other colleagues or policies in order to deflect frustrations being expressed toward you will increase a customer’s negativity. Instead, allow the person to consider a variety of potential options and apologize for the previous interaction.