Seminar ID: 100014

How to Choose the Right Collection Agency for Your Business

Presented By:
Michelle Dunn

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Michelle Dunn Writer, LLC

You will Learn:

  • Uncover what to look for when hiring a collection agency
  • Discover what questions to ask the agency
  • Learn when and when not to use a collection agency
  • Understand what signs to look for when placing accounts for collection
  • Learn how to work with a collection agency

This 30-minute webinar will help business owners make an educated decision about which collection agency they want representing their business and the most efficient ways to work with an agency to get the best return. This webinar is critical for anyone who needs to hire a collection agency but doesn’t know how to do it or what to look for.

Also be sure to check out Michelle's ebook, "Choosing the Right Collection Agency for Your Business."