Seminar ID: 100650

Skip Tracing & Locating Assets

Presented By:
Patrick McPherson

Investigations Manager
Metro Legal Services

You will Learn:

  • How to locate people and companies.
  • How to discover hard & liquid assets.
  • The laws that govern these types of investigations.
  • How to apply the information obtained to make an effective economical strategies for you skip trace/asset locate files.
  • What questions to ask and what results to expect when hiring a professional investigator.

Do you have a judgment debtor and can’t locate him or his assets? This 10 minute webinar is for anyone who wants a better understanding of how to locate people and find assets, or what to look for when hiring a skip tracer or asset investigator. It will also give you a thorough understanding of the strategies professional investigators use to obtain results. In this quick preview of our upcoming live webinar, "Skip Tracing & Locating Asset Techniques," Patrick will talk about locating hard assets.