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Advanced Collection Tools

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Today's advanced collection tools act as "people multipliers" by automating manual processes and using AI to increase collection rates and reduce operational costs.In today's competitive receivables industry, technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in maintaining profitability and managing the ever-changing compliance and consumer-driven landscape. Learn how technology is being used to help the first and third-party ARM industry connect, collect, and comply more effectively and with greater efficiency through the power of machine learning and real-time data analysis. We'll share how the industry's most advanced collection tools are using data from consumer interactions to improve the performance of their agents and connect and collect from consumers through their preferred channel.


Michael Wise, Intelligent Contacts, Inc.


How Consumerism Influences Consumer Behavior and Drives Collection Innovation

The Role AI and Machine Learning Are Playing in the Collection Contact Center Environment

• Cloud-Based Telephony Software (Dialers)

• Speech Analytics

• Machine Learning

The Advanced Collection Tools Toolbox: Voice

• Speech Analytics

• Big Data

• Omni-Channel Communication

The Advanced Collection Tools Toolbox: Consumer Portals

• Self-Resolution

• Digital Campaigns

• Automated Compliance Engine

Advanced Regulation F Compliance Tools

• Tracking and Managing Contacts and Communications

• Tracking and Managing Consumer Consent

• Future Proofing Reg F Compliance